About Jülichs Industriekommunikation

Jülichs Industriekommunikation does not perceive itself as a full-service agency. Every individual task should be handled by a true specialist. As such, we maintain a network of top-notch expert associates.

Uwe Jülichs is a seasoned expert in international business-to-business as well as in the field of internal communications. He has held senior positions in corporate communications at global, listed companies for many years, and previously also worked for an international management consultancy as well as for a leading PR agency. Uwe Jülichs is an experienced conceptual copywriter and author in the fields of capital market communications, corporate literature, internal communications and ghostwriting for executives. Sustainability reporting in particular is one of his key strategic topics.

Uwe Jülichs is a member of the Association for European Sustainability and Eco-Management Professionals (Verband für Nachhaltigkeits- und Umweltmanagement e.V. (VNU)) and of the German Journalists' Association (DJV-NRW e.V.).

Why opt for Jülichs Industriekommunikation? Because work is really taken off your hands here. Backed by his many years of experience in industry, Uwe Jülichs can quickly and effectively manage to forge a network within the corporate structure of his clients. He speaks your language.

Ultimately, it's all about the written or spoken word, in whatever form that may be: Strategy briefing, concept, speech, report, corporate literature, employee magazine, print or online.... What counts is the added value you gain from Jülichs Industriekommunikation. You simply state what you need and provide the necessary information. And then, you can go back to dedicating your valuable time to your core business.